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Floating Villa

A home on the sea…
Pegasus Global Development (Holdings) Ltd can be your perfect advisor and efficiently locate your ideal home, holiday home and resort. We deal with both residential and commercial markets to provide both personal and investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on finding sublime properties which are suitable for family and friends. We are also constantly evolving and moving with the times as we will soon start the development of environmentally-conscious projects such as the Floating Villas.
We have been building residential real estate projects since 1988. Beginning with investment opportunities involving residential properties in Hong Kong and mainland China, we have since broadened our horizons. In China, we have developed residential projects. In Hong Kong, we have developed both commercial buildings and residential projects. The Floating Villa project will begin construction in the Maldives and in Qatar, the Middle East soon.
Finally, here is a way to combine the luxury of living in a villa with the soothing effect of being on water. You will forever feel like you are on holiday.
Every single Floating Villa is unique and each individual design is a work of art. One example of this concept is the unrivaled Sea Horse Floating Villa. This innovative style is the opposite of traditional ways of leisure. The new extraordinary design combines advanced technology and modern architecture aesthetics to provide a new possibility for luxury living. The Floating Villas showcase a special space that can cater to any needs with elegance and modernity.
Our floating design is not only suited for villas, as the applications are limitless. Visitors from all over the world will be attracted to these exceptional facilities. Floating restaurants are built in the Middle East and the development of underwater restaurants will build in the Maldives soon. The Floating Villa concept is also environmentally-friendly. By using the surface of the ocean, we are saving essential land space in a vastly overpopulated world.
We are currently creating these Floating Villa by utmost expertise and utilized with high-tech and advanced technologies from Asia. With our dedicated team and international experiences, we will bound the completion date approximately within 2 years.
With our technologies and experiences, we design and build unparalleled Floating Villas that adapt the form of the unique ocean lifestyle. Customers will witness the ultimate sea life experience by themselves.