The Highest Residential Building In Australia

Siting on the top floor of Australia 108, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, our league club, the Australian World 108 Club, showcases the new heights of a private clubhouse, sister to the 151 ICC of hailed as the world’s tallest private clubhouse club. The Australia 108 is 319 meters high, 100 storeys high ( with our club at the peak), stands at 70 Southbank Boulevard South Bank Avenue in the prime location of Melbourne, the world’s top architectural firm FKA after Eureka Tower Eureka Skyscraper 88, which is also a milestone in Australia’s high-tech and architectural art, a perfect interpretation of the South Bank Sky City of the ideal country.

The World Leaders Alliance Club offers exclusive concierge services such as:

  • Airport pick-ups, with a luxury concierge fleet with a number of limited edition cars.
  • Airport lounge benefits enabling members to access designated exclusive lounges, Alliance Lounges and Aviation lounges.
  • High- end luxury shopping benefits.
  • Priority pre-purchase benefits for designated airline business and first class, premium rooms on luxury cruises, special seats or VIP tickets for events.
  • Exclusive offers or benefits for designated sea view villas, winery castles, golf courses, supercars, luxury yachts, private jets, etc.
  • Special Benefits for selected restaurants and many more!

To date, we can say the World Leaders Alliance Club has served its purpose of providing members with their ideal luxury lifestyle as well as establishing business relations among its members