The Highest Building In The World

Headquartered in The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Chamber of Commerce is called the 151 International Cooperation Center, referred to as 151ICC, which provides business concierge, investment consultation, economic and trading platform, market development and financing crowdfunding services to create more opportunities for members. As a result, members establish international connections to strategically form business alliances.

Located on the highest commercial floor of Dubai’s Farifah Tower, the world’s tallest building, the International Cooperation Center (151 ICC) is the first eco-service platform to provide cooperative services to the Belt and Road International Industry, providing business services such as economic and cultural exchanges, resource integration docking, business operations and even financial and taxation for enterprises and institutions in countries along silk road.

The World Leaders Alliance Club is an integrated ecological platform, committed to providing enterprise globalization cooperation services, leading the development of Chinese culture in the international community, while through big data and intelligent application systems, to create a global one-stop economic and trade service platform which has assisted the Belt and Road countries in promoting brands, products, services and even culture and art. Through the resources of the International Cooperation Centre, the Cloud Valley platform will provide integrated platform services in industrial trading platform, venture capital financing platform and a platform for cultural exchange.