Private Club

The World Leaders Alliance Club

An international community and quality concierge services…

In December of 2019, the World Leaders Alliance Club was founded with a service concept based on the pursuit of luxury. No matter the cost, we continuously strive to attain perfect ideals. As a team of international business alliances and top concierge services, we are committed to assisting members in their achievement of excellence. We would like you to experience the true art of living. Our club is designed for high-net-worth members that know the value of their time and we specialize in incorporating networking prospects with relaxing amenities.
The World Leaders Alliance Club provides its members with the most resource-rich global economic and trade integrated service platform through the World Silk Road Economic and Cultural Promotion Association. This association is jointly established by international political and business leaders in order to help them inquire into business prospects in the One Belt One Road economy. Our goal is to enable the acquisition of venture capital and successful project landing. Currently, the World Leaders Alliance Club exists in the United Arab Emirates and Australia.
The first location of the World Leaders Alliance Club is situated at the Burj Khalifa, 151/F, the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The second location is on the top floor of Australia 108, 100/F, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

The World Leaders Alliance Club offers exclusive concierge services such as:

Airport pick-ups, boasting a luxury concierge fleet with a number of limited edition cars.
Airport benefits allowing members to access designated chic locations such as alliance and aviation lounges.
Priority pre-purchase benefits for airline business and first class seats, premium rooms on luxury cruises as well as special seats or VIP tickets for private events.
Exclusive offers or benefits for sea view villas, winery castles, golf courses, supercars, private jets, luxury yachts and super  yachts etc.
Special benefits for a selection of fine dining restaurants.
Besides concierge services, we can assist you with introductions between influential enterprise companies and local partners. Allow us to be your platform for trading and business networking opportunities.
To date, we can say that the World Leaders Alliance Club has served its purpose of providing members with their ideal luxury lifestyle and by establishing business relations among its members.

The Tallest Tower in the World

The height of sophistication…

The World Leaders Alliance Club’s headquarters are located at the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The Chamber of Commerce is called the 151 International Cooperation Center, referred to as 151ICC, and provides business concierge, investment consultation, economic and trading platform, market development and crowdfunding services to create more opportunities for members. As a result, members establish international connections to strategically form business alliances. This is the first eco-service platform to provide cooperative services to the One Belt One Road international industry, providing business services such as economic and cultural exchanges, resource integration docking, business operations as well as finance and taxation for enterprises and institutions in countries along the Silk Road.
The World Leaders Alliance Club is an integrated ecological platform committed to providing enterprise globalization cooperation services and leading the development of Chinese culture in the international community. Utilizing big data and intelligent application systems, the aim is to create a global one-stop economic and trade service platform which has assisted the Belt and Road countries in promoting brands, products, services and even culture and art. Through the resources of the International Cooperation Centre, the Cloud Valley platform will provide integrated platform services such as an industrial trading platform, venture capital financing platform and a platform for cultural exchange.
Dubai’s World Leaders Alliance Club is focused on business networking. We would like to assist you in your endeavours if you are looking for business prospects in Dubai, a strategic location between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We can help you make the best choices that will lead to profitable investment and development prospects.

The Tallest Residential Building in Australia

Luxury above the clouds…

Located on the top floor of Australia 108, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, our league club, the Australian World 108 Club, showcases the new heights of luxury in a private clubhouse. We offer first-class amenities combined with a jaw-dropping 360-degree panoramic view of vibrant Melbourne CBD, Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria and Port Phillip Bay. This is a splendid place if you prefer to focus on unwinding and indulging in your high-end lifestyle.
Australia 108 is a masterpiece with a height of 319 meters, 100 stores and the World Leaders Alliance Club at its peak. Standing at 70 Southbank Boulevard South Bank Avenue in the prime location of Melbourne, the building was built by the world’s top architectural firm FKA after Eureka Tower Eureka Skyscraper 88, which is also a milestone in Australia’s high-tech and artistic architecture. Australia 108 is the perfect reflection of Melbourne’s dynamic energy.
As a member of the World Leaders Alliance Club at Australia 108, you’ll always have the best seat in the house. We are devoted to making any request come true and although your relaxation will be our first priority, you will also have the opportunity to connect with other professionals. We will ensure that your private club experience is tailored to your luxury lifestyle preferences.