Private Jet


The Citation X is widely considered to be the fastest in its class, and is commonly sought after in the super mid size jet size. It is an ideal solution for clients taking long range trips that require speed. The citation X charter also offers a comfortable cabin with 8 individual seats and top range amenities.
Overall Cabin Length 7.29m/23 ft. 11 in
Cabin Height: 1.73m/5 ft. 8 in
Cabin Width: 1.68m/ 5ft. 6 in
Luggage Volume: 82cu.ft.
Passenger Capacity: 8
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 5.5 hours

Embraer Legacy 650

The Legacy 650 offers a large cabin with three seating areas and fully stand up cabin. It has the latest entertainment systems and specs include Wi-Fi service. With its generous luggage capacity, it’s a great aircraft for larger groups flying up to 8 hours.
Overall Cabin Length 15.8m/ 49 ft. 10 in
Cabin Height: 1.82m/ 6 ft.
Cabin Width: 2.1m / 6 ft. 11 in
Luggage Volume: 240cu.ft.
Passenger Capacity: 13
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 7 hours

Gulf Stream 450

Yet another great choice in the superb heavy jet category, the Gulfstream offers up to 14 seats, long range abilities in well-appointed luxury cabins, and includes the services of a flight attendant and your own specialized on-board service. Most gulfstream450’s are now equipped with Wi-Fi, DVD and sitcom, so that you can stay in touch with the office whilst travelling at 41000 ft.
Overall Cabin Length 12.29m/ 40 ft. 4 in
Cabin Height: 1.88m/ 6 ft. 2 in
Cabin Width: 2.24m/7 ft. 4 in
Luggage Volume: 169 cu.ft
Passenger Capacity: 14
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 8.5 hours

Bombardier Challenger 850

The challenger is a heavy jet and offering more space than the Challenger 605 and offers a range of 3.235 miles. Seating up to 16 passengers this aircraft is derived from the successful Bombardier CRJ Series.
Overall Cabin Length 14.76m/ 40 ft. 2 in
Cabin Height: 1.85m/ 6ft. 1 in
Cabin Width: 2.19m/ 8 ft. 5 in
Luggage Volume: 292 cu.ft
Passenger Capacity: 14
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 6 hours

Gulf Stream 2OO

The Gulf Stream 200 offers seating for up to 10 passengers and has 8 individual seats with swivel, recline and tracking abilities. It also has a stand up cabin, enclosed washroom and the main cabin is separated from the crew ensuring total privacy. It also includes the services of a flight attendant.
Overall Cabin Length 7.44m/ 24 ft. 5 in
Cabin Height: 1.91m/ 6 ft. 3 in
Cabin Width: 2.18m/ 7 ft.2 in
Luggage Volume: 125 cu.ft
Passenger Capacity: 10
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 6 hours

Gulf Stream V

The GV is one of the most prestigious aircraft available for charter. The large oval windows which are unique to Gulf Stream allow much more light into the cabin. With it’s fully recline able chairs to increase passenger comfort, excellent flight range, and spacious cabin, it is the perfect aircraft for long range flights.
Overall Cabin Length 15.24m/ 50 ft.
Cabin Height: 1.88m/ 6.2 ft
Cabin Width: 2.22m/ 7.3ft
Luggage Volume: 226 cu.ft
Passenger Capacity: 14
Maximum Range (Distance): up to 12 hours